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oh yes

Seek and Destroy
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Seek and Destroy.

Do it up.

post your shows...
bitch and moan...
swap recipes...
post parties...

Anything and everything.
you name it...
its all you....dig?

25cent gumball machines, 40 oz. 5.9 crew, adio, an albatross, animal crackers, bean burritos, blood brothers, blunt smoking, booking shows, booze broads bullets, brass knuckles, camel ciggarettes, car trips, cartoon, cashmere, circle takes the square, comic books, communism, converge, cooking, day trips, death wish kids, diet coke, diet coke with lime, diet dr.pepper, discordance axis, diy button repair, diy teeshirts, elite, eyedea, ferris bueller, fischerspooner, flip flops, flip videos, forstella ford, fred flare, george foreman grills, green thumb, happy meals, hip domestics, homies, hott cross, i destoyer, ikea, ion pens, ism's in general, jeromes dream, joshua fit for battle, jud jud, kaospilot, knittiing, late night talks, lollipops, majority rules, martinis's, miller high life, murder city devils, natty ice, natty ice partys, neil perry, neon unicorns, nickels dimes and quarters, non-preachy straight edge kids, outkast, page 99, pig destroyer, plants, plastic army men, playgrounds after 12am, pop art, pound puppies, quesadilla makers, road trips, sage francis, sandwich makers, saosin, sewing, shitty landscaping jobs, shitty retail jobs, shitty warehouse jobs, shrinky dinks, skateboarding, slayer, slinkys, slip ons, slush puppies, socialism, song of zarathustra, stargazer lillies, steam cleaners, steam rollers, switchblades, tare panda, tattoos, the assistant, the dog, the fail, the faint, the faux, the nightmare continues, the word "wicked", there were wires, tom and jerry, transformers, ultra fine point sharpies, usurpsynapse, vegan, vegitarian, walls of jericho, way hesh, white out